This quiz can be a stumper even for steadfast Seattleites! Give yourself one point for each correct answer (all parts of multi-part questions must be correct to get a point). If all else fails click here.
0 > No, you won't have to go back where you came from. This will be our little secret.
1 - 3 > Get out in the city more. Brush up on your history.
4 - 6 > You know more about Seattle than the average Seattleite.
7 - 9 > You are a Seattleite or an honorary one for life.
10 > You must be an insufferable native.
1 Can you pick out eight landmark buildings in the Emerald City cityscape on the See Seattle Home Page? From East to West (left to right) they are: (1) Two Union Square, (2) City Center aka US Bank Center, (3) Rainier Tower, (4) Space Needle, (5) Columbia Tower aka Bank of America Center, (6) 1201 Third Avenue - formerly Washington Mutual (WaMu) Tower (7) Smith Tower and (8) Second & Seneca Building. Which one of these buildings has the nickname "Ban Roll-on" or "R2-D2" and which has the nickname "Beaver Building?"
2 Seattle was built on seven hills. From north to south they are: (1) Queen Anne originally called Temperance Hill due to a high number of teetotalers, (2) Capitol so called as the residents at the time of Statehood in 1889 thought Seattle would be the capitol and that the state capitol building would be built on their hill, (3) Denny named after pioneer Arthur Denny who brought the first non-indigenous settlers to the area in 1851, (4) Second aka Renton, (5) First nicknamed Pill Hill for the concentration of medical facilities - generally Yesler Hill aka Profanity Hill is considered part of First, (6) Jackson-Dearborn and (7) Beacon so named as early settlers would signal sailors with lights from this high vantage point. In the early part of the 20th Century two of these hills were removed so that the city could expand more easily. Name these two hills and the Seattle neighborhoods that occupy these excavated locations today.
Note: Historians sometimes differ on which hills make up Seattle's seven hills but the key is that the total add up to a romantic seven.
3 In 1907 two teenagers borrowed $200, rented the basement of a Pioneer Square saloon, outfitted it with some telephones and opened a business called American Messenger Company. By what name do we know that company today?
4 Seattleites Bill Boeing and Bill Gates both attended Ivy League universities but neither graduated. Which universities did they attend?
5 In 1964 a British pop group performed in the Coliseum (now Key Arena) at Seattle Center while on a worldwide tour and stayed at the Edgewater Hotel on Elliott Bay. They went fishing from their hotel room windows and caught several big salmon. What is the name of this group?
6 The seeds of Latte Land were planted by three Seattleite partners in 1971 when they opened the original Starbucks Coffee shop in Pike Place market. So where did they get the name Starbucks?
7 The Metro Transit System includes five 1928 vintage Waterfront Streetcars. They were in operation from 1982 thru 2005. They ran past the waterfront, through Pioneer Square, to the International District and back. Seattle acquired them from another city. Which city?
8 The University of Washington was established in 1861 (then the Washington Territorial University) on the site of today's Fairmont Olympic Hotel. The university's first president was 22 year old Asa Mercer. During the summers of the early 1860s Asa made two fabled trips to New England. His purpose was to "recruit" venturesome women to come to Seattle and help balance the then male dominated population (10 to 1 ratio). Asa's exploits were the inspiration behind a movie and stage play and a TV series. What are their titles?
9 (1) What is a bumbershoot?
(2) Chic restaurants in Seattle serve King, Silver and Red salmon. But what are the species names for these Pacific Salmon?
10 (1) How can you distinguish between a siren and a mermaid and what does that have to do with Seattle? Hint: Check out the Crossword page.
(2) Who was Bertha Landes? She's listed on the Seattle Firsts page.
(3) What does the Chinook Indian word Kalakala mean? Check Seattle Odyssey.
(4) Who starred in the movie It Happened at the World's Fair? Try Seattle Tattle.
(5) What redeeming value is there in walking? Read Why Walk to find out.
(6) Articles has a picture of one of Seattle's most recognizable works of public art.
What is its name and where is it located?

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